Born in the northern part of Sweden in the mid-eighties, as a third generation artist he loved drawing creations from his surroundings. 

And soon his passion was on fire, drawing, and painting, the tools needed for creating worlds and emotions became his.


When growing up he was surrounded by paintings and the materials needed to give birth to them. He was introduced early on to the process of making paintings and how to create a symbiosis between making and living them.


Wanting to express these emotions through nature was the key, always looking for contrasts and their balances. Creating a space where the viewer can visit his visions and where he can process the many viewpoints of the world. 

Being ever observing and present with his surroundings has developed a creative space where Per Elof can create and explore his ideas on nature and poetry. 

Today his exploration takes form as dialogs based in his Sami heritage, history, and cultures, drawing knowledge and inspiration from archeological, ancient and classical art. Spending his time working between wilderness and civilization, the north of Sweden and the living museums of the world. Through this Per Elof found a way of internalizing how art has been translated and conveyed in the world throughout history.



© 2019 by Per Elof Nilsson Ricklund