Swedish, Sámi artist based in Sweden.
As a third generation artist, he early grew fond of drawing and painting and found it his calling.
Per Elof finds inspiration in his surroundings. Translating and crossbreeding them within new contexts and emotions, striving to create a symbiosis between life and art.

Wanting to express emotions through nature is the key, always looking for the contrast in life and its balance and harmony. He wanted to create a space where one can visit his visions and where he can process the many impressions of the world.

Per Elof works in a creative space where he can explore and expand on his ideas on nature, philosophy, and poetry.

Today his exploration takes form as dialogs based on his Sami heritage, history, and culture. Searching for knowledge and inspiration from archeological, ancient and classical art.


He spends his time between wilderness and civilization, the north of Sweden and the living museums of the world. Through this Per Elof has found a way of internalizing how art has been translated and conveyed in the world throughout human history.