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  • Per Elof Nilsson Ricklund

Vision Shaping

When building images from my inner vision I want it to be something that comes from my own memory. So from time to time I take a break from my larger canvases to study and refill, gather new experiences. In this case visual experiences to enrich my mind, build memories.

I recently sat down, and blocked off time to draw faces I would delight in meeting. I choose to do so in the medium of silver-point, it’s a soft medium both as metal and in the marks it make, it’s near to impossible to erase, a thing I enjoy in my tools, it raises my focus and presence while creating.

And one of the most beautiful things are, as the metal oxidizes it gets a darker warmer tone, I’m sure we all have seen old silver that needs polishing, it’s a material that ages very well, at-least in drawing. I build it up in layers on hand prepared paper so that the silver reacts to it. It’s a slow medium that gives much time to think and reflect, there’s nothing rushed about them, just as with the faces themselves.

These individuals are drawn from old documentations from the 19th century of Sámi people, and I hope you will enjoy these beautiful faces as much as I have.

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