2020 Summer workshop cancelled due to Covid-19




We’re offering our eight annual painting workshop in Saxnäs, Sweden from August 3rd to 8th.


Painting in the north of Sweden is a unique experience, where one can work and study in an immense and inspiring nature, a natural jewel in the dwindling wilderness of Europe.


The workshop will be located at an artists' villa and studio (the villa has been turned into a commemorative museum and the studio remains at the disposal for artist residencies and workshops), in the village of Saxnäs, surrounded by vast, untouched nature.  


I wish you all a warm welcome to join us and to take the opportunity to work and study in this truly extraordinary environment.


Kind regards/

Per Elof Nilsson Ricklund


For registration, contact: 

Tel: +46 (0)70 545 18 76

e-mail: penricklund@gmail.com

For info at Ricklundgården

Tel: +46(0)70 66 700 49

e-mail: post@ricklundgarden.com




Hotel, Saxnäsgården,








How to get there:


Saxnäs is situated in southern Lapland, about 50 km from the Norwegian border.
Nearest Airport (90 km from Saxnäs) is Vilhelmina Flygplats.  
Then you go by bus from Vilhelmina (1 hour) or rent a car.
http://www.strauka.com or http://www.bil-fritid.com )

You can also go by bus from Stockholm to Vilhelmina. www.lapplandspilen.se  or

Train Stockholm - Östersund - Vilhelmina.